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A.D.A. Mission

Mark 13-34

For the son of man is as a man taking a far jouney, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch.

35.Watch ye therfore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning:

36:Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping.

37:And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.

King James version

My Mission is let every one know and I will be blunt about it. I was a founder of a Ghost Hunter group and I made some terrible choices. I had my group broken up over some things that the rest of my group didn't believe in. Not anymore! Now its time for my story. I believe there is more out there other than ghost I don't care what some Ghost plumbers say or a goofy bunch of Gadget Geeks say. There are forces out there that will attack you at the drop of a hat . These forces are the Diabolical & Demonic. There is a spiritual war that goes on every day what the others can't see its causing divorce & cheating, death, oppression , suiside and untimely in some cases possession. I have over seven years in the field work and I lived through a demonic attack as a child. I have done this so long I have discernment from God to know when they are around and how they can hurt you. I am going to be a helper of God but also a referral service to get people the help they need. I don't think its right to tell someone you will help them and get the pictures you need and walk away. I hate pictures and EVP's . I know who they are and what they are they are without this nonsense. I do have some pictures and will place them up for viewing purposes. Do I think that their are Human ghost? The answer is yes and they exist . Once you work for God their is no turning back. The enemy knows your name. Do I believe you should let human ghost stay as pet? No I believe we need to send them back to where they need to go. Do most Ghost Hunters do that? No! They want a chance to let them come back to get more pictures you are not doing a Spirit any good in keeping them here like some groups do like pets. You need to be able to know what the difference is and handle it, Some that I tried to teach would not have any part in it. My contacts know how to do that and so do I.

I will have for you the best people for the job on my links these are the top rated ones and I myself will have something coming in the near future in the field as one of them but until then I can help you find the right people to help you. I have contacts all over the country so feel free and come forward most of all it cost nothing. We don't make Ghost mugs or T-shirts. We are interested in helping you and as God as my witness I will and the people I pick will not shoot photo's like a prize and leave. This help does not cost a dime. If you need help I am here. Now I can't guarantee immediate help because there is a lot of cases however I will do the best job I can do. Hang in there you are in the best hands.


One thing I would like to add I have experience in Hauntings and demonic problems caused by the subjects behavior or just bought a house and it began after fixing up the house. Let me ask some more questions. Do you think  that a plain old ghost hunter group is always encountering ghost? Ask your self this. Now can a ghost hunter group get a demon out of a house? Yes, if they get the right Clergy. Why are they so interested in getting picture and Evp's and leaving without helping the person that has the problem? They think they will make money one day. One group call me a Demon Hunter. I don't hunt anything the problemed persons usually come to me after a "Ghost Hunters Group" leave with picture and no answers on how to rid them of the problem. Don't you find that behavior disgusting? Its what they want but what they don't realize in that its pure selfishness. That tells me they are more interested in what they want rather than what god wants them to do for that troubled person. We take your pictures and evp's and leave you with the problem. What kind of sorry person would do that. Anyone called a "GHOST HUNTER". They feed their own needs. Not all are bad I will review and link you to some however There are more bad apples than good I will link the good. I will leave it like this if you need some one ask the group what they will do to make it go away ahead of time if they say they can't then ask the next Group the same thing if they say they do, ask them to sign a typed up contract from you saying they promise to  try to rid you of the problem and all pictures and evp's are yours they are taken on your premises.You will find that no one will agree to do that and you will find your answer. I would sign one like that. Just think about it and see if that is right what I said . Good day! God Bless!

Luke: 4-4

It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of god.


Bro. Gabrial

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